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You should now see all the different places your phone has been. You can get the app from Google Play and setup a Commander account at wheresmydroid. Great advice.

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Someone did find the phone and returned it. Now we know. How do I get around all that?

Google Play Protect - Find My Device

ADM needs an email and password to validate that you are the owner of the phone. If there was then anyone could track anyones phone.

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I think my phone was stolen. I have wheres my Droid but my phone has been turned off. Any suggestions.

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  • A Google search is enough to find your lost or stolen mobile phone.
  • Its not possible to track a device once its turned off. You can use the Google Location History mentioned in this post to get the last known location of the device. Thanks Brad for such great alternatives from finding a android phone I lost mine 2 days ago I hope I can find it using your suggestions.

    Find My Device

    I guess all of these options only work if you have a data plan? Yes you are correct, you need a data plan for all these options. It is an exceptionally needful component of android this is the best security highlight of Android. I found my Android phone last night midnight using the info with Google. When I heard it ringing I thought it was a small miracle.

    I must have left it on top of my car, and now its safely in my pocket. Thanks Thanks so much. Your email address will not be published.

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    • Candace on June 10, at pm. They are an integral part of our lives and our whole world is centered around our smartphones and other smart devices. We rely heavily on them for every small thing. All confidential information is stored on our devices and it can be a huge loss if your smart device is stolen by someone.

      All your private information is at stake which can be very unsafe for you. The need for advanced cell phone tracker apps is a must nowadays, without these applications you can never find your phone and all your personal data can be very accessible. We are here today with one such tracking application that will enable you to check up on your lost device and navigate you through the map to reach your device and we are talking about the Google Find My Device App, a great device tracking app.

      How to track your lost Android smartphone using Google Maps

      Go through our detailed app review to learn more about this application. Track your phone with Google Find My Device, an application that lets you find your Android phones, smartwatches, and Android tablets in case they are lost somewhere or stolen by someone. This application helps you a lot when you are not able to find your device or your device is stolen. Below are the attributes of this tracking application that can help you find your device effortlessly:. In addition to the above-mentioned features, Google Find My Device also keeps an extra check on your phone and lets you know if your device is tempered with it.

      This application is very swift to use and can ease a lot of your distress in a great manner, below are the ways of how to use this device. Step 2: Open the app and sign in through your Gmail account or sign in as a guest. Step 3: After adding your Gmail password, you will see a map and your phone information on the screen.

      How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location | WIRED

      Step 4: You can click on other buttons like play sound, secure device or erase device as per your requirement. Note: Your device must be on or sign in with your Gmail account while being connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Locating your phone over the internet is easily possible with the Google Find My Device website. Here are the steps that you can follow to find your device:. An app like Find My Device can be a huge savior for all the people who have lost their devices or are stolen by someone.

      This is one of the primary reasons why this application has been featured amongst the top free Android applications that you must have on your phone.

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      Users can add messages on the lock screen so that the person who has your phone can read them. If you believe that your phone cannot be retrieved back ever, you can just erase all your data from the phone and save on your personal information. There are times when you are just using your phone out in public and someone snatches it from your hands or you have dropped your phone somewhere are realized it after minutes, by then it was too late.

      Gadgets like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches are costly and you cannot just take this fact lightly. With the Google Find My Device app, you can find your Android phone and other lost devices quickly and lock your phone instantly. For more such detailed app reviews of trending Android and iOS apps, stay tuned with us. A switched off the phone cannot be tracked as it loses all connectivity, it can only be last tracked in the area it went off through a cell phone tracker.