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Forward: Instant messaging for healthcare professionals

Swikar Oli. Filed under News World. Facebook could be listening through your smartphone microphone, whistleblower says. Our most powerful weapon is that we know what it is and we can learn from people who have already suffered through it.

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Looking back at how politicians reacted, how the public felt and what was 'normal' just a week ago makes the change even more abrupt. But we may well end up in a situation where we have to make some very tough ethical decisions'.

Kotlin Messenger 06: Send and Listen for Chat Messages

In the past social distancing has helped to mitigate the effects of pandemics. Here's what you should know. Comments Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. It's seamless across devices. Messenger has rebuilt the app from the ground up.

Facebook could be listening through your smartphone microphone, whistleblower says | National Post

We are excited to introduce a smaller, faster, and simpler Messenger! This better be fixed ASAP! I usually dont write reviews for anything, but this is beyond annoying. So I had been trying to update my messenger profile pic through the messenger app. Well, I have been utterly unsuccessful in all attempts due to the fact that they removed the pen icon which allows you to do that.

So I tried deleting the app, reinstalling it, logging back in and still no luck. In fact, they deprecated even more features as it was pushing for me to use my number instead. So thats a NOPE. I have been off FB for a year and some time now happily, but I keep my messenger for contacts whom I dont have locally, and prefer messenger for chat.

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I read somewhere online that you HAVE to use your phone number, in order to update something as simple as a profile pic. No thank you. Its lost its luster and flare, and has gone far beyond the reason of its initial creation. If anyone is bothering to read this, I hope your experience and service with this golden days of past of an app is far better than what I am experiencing at present and in the near foreseeable future.

I liked messenger because it had some more things to offer than other messaging apps. They were small things but it made me choose Messenger over other apps. This is only really a small detail, but the first thing I noticed was that my chat color I had with my boyfriend had changed to blue, so I went to change it back. Turns out they deleted the color. Not sure why, but it was disappointing.

Did nothing. VERY disappointed. It made it fun. Another thing that made me smile it was my favorite feature, please bring this back was that when you sent a red heart, small hearts would float up.

They still do, but way too fast. They made me really happy, and my friends would always send them to me to make me feel better. My friends and I were so disappointed to see this go.

Update: Yep.