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LG's cameras have historically been more serviceable than striking. You should also be prepared for some wildly different tones depending on which camera you're currently shooting with. The main sensor does a better job of sucking up ambient light, so it produces decently punchy images. The ultra-wide camera, meanwhile, tends to produce more drab results. As I mentioned, none of this will sound particularly unusual to people who have used LG phones before. They tend to be perfectly serviceable devices that struggle to stand out against a sea of capable competitors.

Perhaps realizing this, LG gave the G8X the greatest gift it possibly could: a more reasonable price tag.

LG says the pricing could change after an early promotional period ends, so if you're somehow already fascinated by the G8X, you should probably act fast. Of course, whether that's a good deal or not depends on how well this peculiar dual-screen business works, and I'm not convinced yet. On the surface, LG's approach here is clever.

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You can add a second screen whenever you need it and leave it at home when you don't. You're never stuck with more phone than you need. As I said earlier, this isn't the company's first crack at a smartphone case with its own screen. Rather than lock into place in three semi-convenient positions, the G8's dual-screen case has enough tension to stay open no matter the angle. This bolt-on second screen is identical to the one built into the phone, right down to the totally unnecessary teardrop notch. And there's now a secondary display on the outside of the case so you can see who's calling without having to flip the whole package open.

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LG did a much better job building this peculiar case, but actually using it still feels far less than ideal. For one, it basically doubles the size of the phone, and the fact that it doesn't have its own battery means it'll generally drain its host within three to five hours. LG also decided to use a peculiar, seemingly MagSafe-inspired connector instead of a USB-C passthrough on the case, which presents some issues I'll get to a bit later.

Here's the big picture: LG doesn't love the idea of foldable phones that are basically just tablets that bend in half. Maybe that's why, out of all the apps I've run on the G8X and its little buddy screen, only one -- Chrome -- can be set to run across both displays. In fairness to LG, though, Chrome works well enough when used like this. Problem is, because of the requisite hinge connecting both screens, there's about half an inch of dead space between them.

It's unappealing, to say the least.

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That's not a problem per se, but it does sort of fly in the face of what I'd want out of a device like this. Part of the appeal of foldables and other multiscreen phones is that I could choose to use all that extra screen space to do the things I want more easily, like reading or watching videos that really shine with more room. Instead, the G8X and its second screen generally act like two smartphones attached at the proverbial hip.

Because both screens are devoted to displaying one app at a time, multitasking can be pretty great here.

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Over the past week, I've had Gmail parked on one screen while the other played host to either Slack or Google Calendar. And when the workday was finally over, I'd use the two displays to read books in the Kindle app while searching for the right soundtrack in Spotify. Situations like this that benefit from multiple displays aren't hard to come by, but during my time with the G8X, none of them seemed to come up organically.

I felt like I had to concoct reasons to run apps on the second screen simply because it was there, not because it made my life any better. Thankfully, LG cooked up a few ways for both of these screens to work better together. When I used the camera, I could tap the camera roll to view photos I just shot on that secondary display, making it easy to see if I needed to reframe my shot and try again.

An LG spokesperson also suggested that because one of the screens could be used to display a full-width keyboard, the G8X could be used "like a laptop. Using it like a mids phone with a discrete keyboard though?

Well, that's pretty great, at least when it works. LG says the G8X is contextually aware enough to know that some apps should automatically use that other screen for typing, and sometimes it is. Other times, apps like the default LG messenger wouldn't display the full-size keyboard on the main screen when I rotated the G8X, even though they should have. This bag made from vegetable starch is a useful plastic alternative β€” Future Blink Mar 19, Apple's new iPad Pro has some cool new features Mar 19, Upgrade your WiFi while you're stuck at home Mar 19, Here's how to watch Netflix with friends while social distancing Mar 18, Coronavirus outbreak leads to cancellation of high school, college senior events Mar 18, Tesla is shutting down its factory in Fremont, California Mar 18, This sustainable, powdered soap turns into liquid hand wash β€” Future Blink Mar 18, Venice's canals are eerily empty during coronavirus pandemic Mar 18, A puppet's guide to keeping yourself entertained during a quarantine Mar 18, The last Mark in the office Mar 17, Penguin aquarium tour is making everyone smile Mar 17, This NYC restaurant has a creative solution to coronavirus closure Mar 17, This mini catapult is for the master procrastinator β€” Future Blink Mar 17, Shakespeare wrote King Lear and Macbeth under quarantine during a plague Mar 17,