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In addition to these, popular GSM-based carriers like T-Mobile also come with their very own secret codes to better access their services. The dialer codes below have all been tested on the latest firmware versions for the OnePlus 5T and 6.

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However, some of the codes provided may only work with specific models, not to mention different wireless providers, so your results will vary depending on what model or carrier you have. Note that these dialer codes work in various ways. Most OEM-specific dialer codes will be activated automatically once you input the last digit or symbol, while some codes will require you to hit the green "Call" button to activate. Of course, you can view the same exact information by heading to the "About Phone" page in Settings, but inputting either of these codes saves you the extra steps of navigating through menus.

How to Locate Your Lost OnePlus Device

OnePlus recently made headlines as serious security concerns grew around its preservation of a secret diagnostic tool on its devices which could potentially allow hackers to gain root access to its handsets. The company defended its decision to leave the app intact, however, noting that failsafes like USB debugging and the need for ADB commands are enough to prevent any third parties from gaining root access.

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The app in question — EngineerMode — is a diagnostic tool that's primarily used for ensuring software components function as they should while still in the production line, but can also be accessed to troubleshoot your OnePlus handset under the guidance of after sales support. Upon inputting the code, you'll be taken to a "FactoryMode" page containing various tests and settings that you can access. Notable options include the ability to instantly enter "FastBoot Mode" without the need to shut down your device, along with the option to instantly wipe all data on your device by hitting "All Clear.

In addition to the test mode listed above, you also have the option of viewing software or hardware versions and other information for individual components and features by inputting the following codes:.

How to Track and Locate lost OnePlus 6 or OP6T Remotely -

There's around 81 separate tests that your can run, ranging from automated "Production line" tests that give you a glimpse of the quality control testing that goes into each device, to more standard hardware tests such as touchscreen functionality. In all, Manual Test Mode is a great way to run diagnostics on your OnePlus handset to make sure that everything works as it should. In addition to the test mode listed above, you also have the option of automatically testing for individual components and features by inputting the following codes:.

The IMEI , or International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a digit number that's a uniquely assigned to every handset, much like a fingerprint for cellular phones. It's very important to know your device's IMEI, as it lets you disable it and render the phone useless for calling and texting in the event that it gets lost or stolen.

Retrieving your handset's IMEI with the help of these dialer codes is way faster than going to "About Phone" page within its settings, or looking for the original packaging that you may have discarded. As such, we recommend memorizing this simple command for those moments where you'll need to quickly retrieve your device's IMEI for troubleshooting or reference purposes.

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OnePlus lets you instantly wipe all data and restore your device to factory settings by inputting a variety of dialer codes, depending on how much information you want to preserve. Login with your account and follow the instructions. Select ' Locations ' option and you can view the current location and previous spot of the OnePlus device.

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You can monitor other operations did on OnePlus device in real time as well. Step 1: Swipe down from the very top of the screen to open quick settings menu, then click the Location icon. Step 2: Sign in your Google account, then you can use Google Location Services to retrace your steps and share your locations with friends and contacts in real time. Step 2: Use 'Find My Phone'. None of these methods will require you to be root of your Oneplus 6T.

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  6. You can use your phone carrier to stop undesired numbers. The following option relies on your operator. To learn more relating to number blocking, you may log in to your personnal dashboard and then check out the settings.

    Typically the number blocking is free of charge but not all the time, so be careful! In the event that you struggle to locate the number blocking on your Oneplus 6T via your mobile operator, you should communicate with them on social support systems just like Twitter or Facebook.

    Guide on how to locate lost OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T:

    Usually, they reply significantly more fast there! You may also make use of a third party apps that accomplish the task to help you. All the apps listed below happen to be free of charge and virus free! Install one of the mobile phone number blocker applications within your Oneplus 6T right from the hyperlink directly below and appreciate the silence again!