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In light of this, the majority of phone tracking software companies usually overcome this by fielding different teams of app developers — with each team targeting a particular OS. New entrants in the market such as the Firefox OS may still have a long way to go before they can be compatible with most that are presently available.

8 Best iPhone Tracking Apps in 2020

This can either be in terms of hardware or software. In terms of hardware , there are no special features that are required for the app to operate since all the work will solely be handled by the app itself and available internet connection. In terms of software though, it will all boil down to the OS that your phone uses and the requirements laid down by the app. Some of the requirements that your cell phone may need to meet in order for the app to run smoothly includes rooting your phone or jail breaking it.

Don't freak out yet, I will explain the terms below. When we say iOS devices, we generally mean iPhones and iPads.

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Normally, you cannot install applications which are not verified by Apple. Detailed instructions on jailbreaking an iPhone can be found here in this link.

Detailed instructions on rooting your Android can also be found here in this link. This is actually one of my favorite questions. If you have minor kids , you could install the software on their phones since you have the legal right over their phones. For employers , however, you can do that if you have warned them in advance that the company phones are being monitored.

It's not legal advice.

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With it, you can see the call logs of the target phone, their duration, and the times the calls happened. It is also compatible with most operating systems and is easy to access from any browser. And there's still many more! Plus, it's very easy to use. It comes second to mSpy because of its pricing — it's a one-time payment. It does a number of things that I found to be very useful. The nice thing about this application is that installing it is very easy and it is also possible to remove its icon to ensure total secrecy.

It could have taken over mSpy as 1 if not for its very high price.

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With it, you could listen to live calls from the target phone. Not only that but you could also record conversations.

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You could also track social media sites with it. It also allow you to to track SMS messages — both incoming as well as outgoing ones. Plus, it's compatible with Android, iOS, and other popular operating systems. Overall, almost the same as FlexiSpy but more expensive. With this software, you'll find it very easy to get answers. It has almost the same features as mSpy plus it has its own reverse phone lookup feature.

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  • It is also totally undetectable and is perfect for logging SMS and call history. Cell phone tracking - is one more important ability that all previously mentioned Tracking apps are capable to do while being used together with a certain GPS Tracker. Mobile phone tracking app together with cell phone tracking software and Tracer can surely help to find a phone in the case of theft.

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